The Tools


Our content creation dashboard lets you create an Enhanced Visitor Experience by adding visual, audio, and text assets to a real environment.

With eliXR, you can fill your experience with digital media and provide viewers with a learning experience like no other.

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3rDi Mobile App

Our app provides a portal to see the world:

For in-location experiences, the 3rDi Mobile App communicates with our proprietary Magic Circle. When it recognizes an exhibit in the viewer's camera, the Magic Circle pushes the media assets associated with that exhibit to the user’s device to enhance their experience.

For remote viewing in virtual reality, viewers can select existing experiences (free or purchased in- app), and enjoy an Enhanced Visitor Experience using their virtual reality headset.

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Magic Circle

Our hardware device allows for in-location content delivery using QR Code or ML based Enhanced Visitor Experiences.

The Magic Circle provides seamless communication between the 3rDi Mobile App and the content created with eliXR. When requested, the Magic Circle pushes media to the app to enhance the viewer's experience.

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The 3rDi World

3rDi is creating a new world - a world where viewers anywhere can enjoy culture and beauty more immersively through an Enhanced Visitor Experience.
The Global Audience. Using 360 degree videos augmented with media assets, we create Enhanced Visitor Experiences that can be delivered to viewers remotely though Virtual Reality headsets. The 5.7 billion people who are unable to travel can now experience culture and beauty from their own homes, and the 1.3 billion world travelers can get a sneak peek before they travel to their destination.
The Local Audience. With the QR Code and Machine Learning tools we have developed, in-location visitors get a simple yet sophisticated "point and learn" Enhanced Visitor Experience.
If you are a museum, art gallery, zoo, or any travel destination looking to increase traffic and revenue... contact us today and create your first Enhanced Visitor Experience!

About us

With over 5.7 billion people who cannot travel the world for tourism, 3rDi Lab has embarked on a mission to bring the world to people. We want to help local visitors learn more about the exhibits they see through digital media - and we want to let people from anywhere in the world enjoy the same immersive experiences though virtual reality.
3rDi Lab is based in Saskatoon, Canada, with teams across the world. Together, we are developing affordable content creation and delivery tools. With our products, creators can generate Enhanced Visitor Experiences to reach audiences local and global.
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Enhance Visitor Experiences (EVE)

Enhanced Visitor Experience - Machine Learning

Learn about 3rDi's upcoming product for local visitors - Enhanced Visitor Experiences with Machine Learning (EVE-ML).

Enhanced Visitor Experience - Virtual Reality

Learn about 3rDi's current product for global visitors - Enhanced Visitor Experiences with Virtual Reality (EVE-VR).

Enhanced Visitor Experience - QR

Learn about 3rDi's current product for local visitors - Enhanced Visitor Experiences with QR (EVE-QR).

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