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Museums during COVID-19

NEMO calls on stakeholders at all levels to acknowledge that digital cultural heritage and digital engagement have demonstrated its value in the past weeks by bringing people together, encouraging creativity, sharing experiences, and offering a virtual space to build ideas collectively. Learn more

How Museums Can Generate Revenue Through Digital Content and Virtual Experiences. Learn More

Pay-Wall Solution

Immersive Layers

Remote Visitor

New Reality

Museums and art galleries are compelled to deliver engaging experiences to their visitors using digital media.

Augmented Reality takes storytelling to the next level of visitor engagement.

Emotional Engagement

Users engage with art and culture through augmented reality using their smart phones and tablets.

Immersive content is delivered through text, image, multi-language audio, video, 3D models, multimedia animation and gamification.

Cultural institutions globally are looking for creative ways to bring their exhibits to their viewers and generate revenue at the same time. They can now deliver new immersive story telling experiences from behind a simple yet secure pay-wall.

Augment a full exhibit including components within each exhibit. Visitors learn about the painting “group of birds” and they learn about the peacock and the secretary bird in the painting.

Deliver the same immersive experience to your visitors who cannot travel to you. Visitors have the same emotional connection with the exhibit, behind a virtual pay-wall.

  • 01 Visitors pay for immersive storytelling at the Museums they visit.
  • 02 They can either download the 3 rd i App on their smart phones/ Tablets or use our Progressive Web Based App (PWA).
  • 03 They get a code to activate the Smart Phone App or PWA.
  • 04 Augmented Exhibits in the gallery are tagged for visitor convenience.
  • 05 Visitors view tagged exhibits through their smart phone cameras.
  • 06 They experience immersive story telling using 3 rd i ’s AR digital media like like Audio, Video, 3D Models, Image, Text, Multimedia Animations or Gamification.
  • 01 Visitors use 3 rd i App from any location with Wi-Fi.
  • 02 Visitors can switch to VR mode using 3 rd i App’s VR Tab.
  • 03 Visitor gets a list of 3 rd i enabled immersive story telling experiences around the world.
  • 04 They can choose any museum or art gallery experience.
  • 05 They can purchase the experience which has a set validity.
  • 06 They set their smartphone into a MobileVR Headset.
  • 07 They experience virtual immersive story telling, with exhibits augmented using 3 rd i digital media.


Attracting and retaining visitors to museums and art galleries require new engagement strategies and promotional exhibitions.

With immersive storytelling, exhibitions will attract younger visitors for a more engaging experience with exhibits.

Interactive games and multimedia animations are great education tools to teach the next generation about art & culture.

Due to physical distancing, the institutions are challenged to find new ways to attract foot traffic.

Using digital media like augmented reality, enhance visitor experiences and repeatedly attract visitors to museums and art galleries.

The option for visitors to experience the same immersive storytelling experiences from the safety and comfort of their homes, grows our customers reach to attract virtual visitors.

Previously, museums and art galleries have generated revenue through sales of audio narration devices to visitors.

3 rd i ’s digital storytelling solutions, gives institutions, revenue generating opportunities by augmenting their exhibits with Audio, Video, Multimedia Animations and Games.

Institutions can now expand their reach to virtual visitors who are unable to visit in person. 3 rd i Virtual Experiences can now generate additional revenue for museums.

Your extension
We know there is pressure to deliver more with less and, sooner rather than later. To succeed together as one team, we create and deliver
immersive storytelling
experiences for you.
From concept to user experience
using our digital
Your direction
We gather all the critical information about exhibits, resources and available digital media through a pre-consultation with your team. We convert the curated information into immersive digital overlays.
We bring it all together and publish engaging storytelling experiences for your visitors.
Your exhibition
Every exhibit is enhanced with multiple digital overlays, from audio narration to gamification. We provide guidance and recommend appropriate choice of digital overlays from our user knowledge.
Change the digital overlay for any exhibit anytime, without disrupting your visitor’s experience.

Be the Change

Do A Pilot
We will create content for immersive story telling and deliver engaging experiences to your visitors at your location
This pilot includes a virtual experience for visitors who are unable to visit
Send Us Feedback
The pilot will validate the growing impact of engaging digital media for your exhibits.
Through valuable user analytics and feedback, you will gather information on visitor’s reactions to using digital media.
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To bring the world to people

With over 90% of the world’s population unable to travel, we built a platform to create immersive augmented and virtual content for museums and art galleries and other attractions.

We now create innovative and engaging exhibitions for your visitors. They can experience immersive story telling at the gallery, get a trailer before they visit or visit without traveling.

  • Creation Provide practical content creation solutions to our customers.
  • Delivery Provide innovative content delivery platforms for their visitors.
  • Support Provide a secure environment for customer content in the digital environment.
  • 2017 We came into existence as an idea.
  • 2018 We learnt from our environment.
  • 2018 We focused on our vision and mission.
  • 2019 We choose to identify as a full-service solution.
  • 2019 We create immersive story telling experiences, using augmented reality and virtual reality, from content creation, to content delivery, to content support.
  • 2020 We are the only company in the world who deliver Audio, Video, Image, Text, 3d Models, Multimedia Animations and Games – all with Multi-Language support.
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